Risks of Knowing
Alan Neil Kippax
aka Baron Kippax
aka Baron A Neil

Alan Cheats Tenant

The court assesses and allows damages of a rock-bottom $4,500 in favour of In Wah Kim Park and Sam Park against 6085997 Canada Inc. The plaintiffs shall also have pre-judgment interest on that sum pursuant to the terms of the Courts of Justice Act from the intermediate date of November 01, 2003.

Alan Cheats Distributors

400 Distributors got so upset that they launched a lawsuit claiming Alan defrauded them. Alan did not even bother to defend, though his lawyer is on record confirming Alan was served. The Judge completely sided with the Distributors, and awarded them $6,560,000. Of course, they never received a penny as Alan has his assets hidden under other people’s names.

Alan Gets People Hurt

[1] This case involves the applicant’s participation in and legal responsibility for a fatal head-on collision between a northbound vehicle driven by his cousin Peter, and a southbound vehicle in which the driver and passenger were severely injured. Peter died.

You Will Lose Your Reputation by Associating with Alan Neil Kippax


Many distributors wind up paying back their downlines because Alan does not have real product and will eventually kill the business.

You Will End Up Facing Tax Evasion Charges by Joining Alan Neil Kippax's Business Opportunities

YOUR troubles with TAX

Alan has never paid taxes in his life. That means your Government will come after YOU to collect their money, plus fines!

Alan Neil Kippax Will Steal Your Money


Alan begs, borrows and steals - making lots of promises - your money. Alan also uses people to be figureheads and to stash his cash - it never ends well for you.

You May End Up Going to Prison by Associating with Alan Neil Kippax

YOU go to JAIL

Alan does not bother with getting the right licenses and permits. When Alan gets charged, so do the people working with him.

Alan Neil Kippax aka Baron Kippax aka Baron A Neil
Alan Neil Kippax aka Baron Kippax aka Baron A Neil
Alan Neil Kippax aka Baron Kippax aka Baron A Neil
Alan Neil Kippax aka Baron Kippax aka Baron A Neil

What YOU get when you promote Alan's business...

"Alan has hurt a lot of people. I’m presently giving back the money to the people I recruited."

- Ed Mercer

The government will come after YOU as Alan does not pay taxes...

[4] Mr. Glatt testified that he was involved in the audit of Treasure Traders International Corporation (“TTIC”) and some of its insiders, such as Alan Kippax and some of the other senior employees or officers of TTIC. He was also involved in the audit of many of TTIC’s independent distributors.


What happens when YOU cover for Alan...

[6] Ms. Camp provided in excess of $63,000 in retainers and payments on account over about a seven-month period. Thereafter she made no further payments.

[7] In her affidavit before the registrar, Ms. Camp disputed that she was Mr. Varty’s client and denied the existence of a contract between her and his firm. She said that debts owed to Varty & Company were owed by Mr. Kippax and that her payments to Varty & Company were only loans to Mr. Kippax.


YOU will get civil and/or criminal charges against you...

Manitoba RCMP have charged 13 individuals and a corporation in connection with an alleged pyramid scheme that supposedly targeted people in the Steinbach area.

The Mounties’ Winnipeg Commercial Crime Section conducted a lengthy investigation that resulted in the criminal charges against Business in Motion International, based in Mississauga, Ont. 

Also charged were Ontario residents Alan Kippax, 44, Lena Track, 56, Janice Degazon, 54, and Cornelia Kauenhowen, 56.

The Manitobans charged in relation to the alleged scheme are Michael Rozak, 57, Kimberley Heier, 50, Lisa Behrendt, 48, Annie Petkau, 38, Katharine Reimer, 52, Melinda Scheper, 45, and David Kauenhowen, 59.

The accused director of the corporation, Colin Fox, 52, is an Ontario resident.

One B.C. resident, Charlene Friesen, 40, was charged.